What drinks to have with chicken wings

Buffalo Wings…     

A crisp pint of pilsner, served in a frosted glass! We prefer something with a handle so you can really chug on that refreshing light beer. It washes down the sharpness and spice from the Buffalo sauce perfectly. 

Staple wing and drink pairings

BBQ Wings 

Without a doubt this has to involve bourbon. The classic Old Fashion using Buffalo Trace fits the bill perfectly. The southern (American) cooking flavours with southern bourbon are a tried and tested match made in heaven. The slight spice of the bourbon, and citrus from the orange match the sweet and smokeyness of the bbq.

Staple wing and drink pairings 1

Thai-Style Wings 

In Randy’s we love to drink Tommy’s Margaritas with anything that has fresh chilli, and lime in it. The lime juice from the Tommy’s sits nicely alongside the lime in the wings, and the fresh chilli both adds the split second burn and then smoothness of a great tequila. Altos (100% Agave) is our weapon of choice here.

Staple wing and drink pairings 2

Credit: Punchdrink

Korean Wings 

We’re not quite sure how it has happened, but in Randy’s, drinking Espresso Martinis with our Gangnam wings has become popular. The slightly sweet-salty wing flavour matches up nicely with the coffee aromas and sweet taste of the cocktail. This is somewhat of a party starter!

Staple wing and drink pairings 3

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